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Boston 2011 – Long Overdue

I love Boston… plain and simple. L.O.V.E. My brother, however, wants to disown me for loving Boston. He tells me that as a Lakers fan I should not even set foot in Boston, that’s when I try to explain to him that my employer (I do have a day job in addition to my wonderful picture snapping :) ) could care less what team I root for, I have to go to Boston. period. He did call me to ask me if I was representing for L.A. (yup… can’t make this stuff up), and I was, I had a Lakers sticker on my phone.

Back to what matters, Boston. I have been traveling to Boston for the last 7 years and never stayed long enough to see the town. I only got to see the inside of the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center and my hotel room. This year I made some changes and decided I needed an extra day to sight see and be a tourist with a camera attached to my hip. I have a new friend in Boston and she graciously offered to show me around, good friends rock!

The trip started off a little rocky. Boxes were lost, attitudes were given. It was pouring rain, and just because things weren’t interesting enough at that point, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the conference center out into the rain… fun! Good thing we got all the madness out of the way because by the time it was time to play, the skies had cleared and the sun was shinning.

I love the history of the city, the old buildings are amazing! We even did a history tour with PhotoWalks. But don’t ask me about the history part, I only store information I need to survive.

I hope to be back to Boston next year. If you’re ever in town take some time to enjoy the scenery, photo tours are a great way to see the city.

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