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Today wasn’t as difficult as her first day of Pre-K, that day I cried for 3 hours straight until it was time to go get her. It’s true that each year gets easier, but I think this time around she was more nervous than the first day of Kinder. Last night she was so excited to be meeting a new teacher and new friends that she could not fall asleep. She kept getting up to make sure I put all the random stuff in her backpack she wanted to take to school. She made sure about 5 times that I did not forget to put her lunch money in her new, glittery, pink wallet.

I got up really early this morning to get some things done before I had to get the girls up. Next thing I know, she’s standing in my room all dressed, backpack on, ready to tackle the day. I can only dream of this situation playing itself out the same way when she’s in high school. 🙂

I am wishing you an amazing first day of 1st grade. May you learn and grow and become everything your little heart desires.

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