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Ever since the birth of my youngest daughter life hasn’t been the same. I know I said something similar on my oldest daughter’s birthday post, but really, with the youngest one I really, really mean it.

It started a couple of weeks after she was born, the ambulance ride with her in my arms was the longest ride of my life. She stopped breathing and for a split second I was scared. I thought that was the last time I would hold her in my arms. Every time I tell the story I can’t help but choke up. It would be months before she was diagnosed with GERD with an intolerance for lactose milk, which caused her to choke every time she spit up. Yet here we are, three years later. It’s like her DNA is programmed to keep me on my toes. She’s a happy little thing with a temper like nobody’s business. She can be the biggest joy of my life one second and the biggest thorn on my side the next. I know that life with her will be interesting and I look forward to enjoying the ride. Happy birthday my love.

P.S. If you are a new parent or are going to be a parent soon, I recommend that you take a CPR class. You never think you’ll have a need for CPR until you need to save your child’s life.

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  1. Each of our kids had GERD (though not to the degree your little one did). I hear that less and less babies are truly “colicky” and are more accurately diagnosed with GERD.

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