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We had a spring storm roll through town last week that felt more like a winter storm, we hadn’t made it to the snow at all this season so we were really excited to get one last chance. Road trips have not been a part of our lives in a few years because the little one refused to stay in her car seat longer than an hour without screaming. We decided to try again and this time we were successful.

My husband became aware of this town called Wrightwood in the San Gabriel Mountains of southern California so we decided to try driving there instead of Big Bear or Arrowhead. After a storm they get a lot of traffic and we just didn’t want to fight the crowd trying to see some snow. The drive up to Wrightwood was beautiful and no winding road, perfect! After that we drove. Drove for miles upon miles, felt great to be on the road again. Hopefully this will be the beginning of many more awesome road trips. Hope you have a great week!

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