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The last few months have been hectic and I’m happy to finally have some time to write a new post. However, the circumstances that bring me to this post are heartbreaking.

As you all know, the East Coast was hit by hurricane Sandy last week and the devastation it caused is beyond comprehension. What is also beyond comprehension is the lack of response by those in charge and the sense that these great people have been left to fend for themselves. A lot of places are still without power, without heat and without anything except the clothes on their backs after losing everything!

Because when catastrophe strikes I always feel the need to find a way to help, I wanted to find a way to help locally. Don’t get me wrong, I think donating to the Red Cross or The Salvation Army (my favorite) is great, but sometimes it seems as though things fall through the cracks and the ones that need to most help go unnoticed. So I came across Laura who is based out of New Jersey. She has a great blog about crafts and artsy goodies but over the last week she has transformed it as an outreach program to get some basic necessities to NJ.

This is how Socks for Sandy was born. With the cold already arriving and the overwhelming donations of clothes, the tiny basic things are missing like NEW underwear and socks. She has put together a drive to collect these items. It’s not a lot she’s asking for, just undies and socks. You can do that, right? You can click on the picture below to read her personal experience with Sandy and to get more information on how to help. Donations of socks and underwear can be sent to:

Socks for Sandy
P.O. Box 520
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

Because the need is urgent, a deadline of November 14th has been set to receive donations, but anything coming in after that will still be accepted. Please look inside your heart and help a worthy cause. Thank you!

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