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Remember when you were little you would look up at your dad and think he was the biggest, tallest, strongest guy you’d ever seen? I did. He was bigger than life.

I look around today at the lack of involved fathers in their kids’ lives and feel overwhelmingly blessed to have won the jackpot with mine, I couldn’t have picked a better one myself. He’s kind, he’s thoughtful, he rolls his eyes every time I get a new tattoo but still loves me. He bends over backwards to make his grandchildren happy and will take the shirt off his back if we ever needed it.

Long gone are the days he would take me on road trips and play hopscotch with me on the sidewalk outside our house, but his words of wisdom and encouragement still remain. Yesterday I hugged him like I always do and for the first time he felt smaller in my arms. I stepped back to look at him and it dawned on me how the years have passed. Although the years are beginning to show and I don’t look up at him anymore, he is still bigger than life. He’s been consistent in being the best father in every sense of the word. I love you daddy.

Happy Father’s Day! ❤️


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