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Here we are again. Just a little over a week ago I was crying about how fast my baby is growing and how the time just slips away. Well, a new milestone has arrived.

Her tooth has been loose for a while, I kept trying to persuade her to let me pull it and tried to convince her to do it. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. What a chicken! 🙂 I pulled all my teeth out myself when I was little, I enjoyed every second of it. Maybe we should explore me a little further on a another post, what kid enjoys the pain of pulling out their own teeth? Moving on…. This morning she woke up and her tooth was on its last leg? thread?… one of those. It was dangling all over the place and I was afraid that if I sent her to school like that she would lose it along the way. So operation tooth removal began. She cried, she hugged me tight, she reflected on how she’s growing and how it was time to let go of the tooth.

I hugged her close and started talking to her to distract her. Before she knew what happened, I gave it a good push and there it was. She hugged me and said that she should’ve trusted me, it didn’t hurt! She should remember those words always! I’ll make sure to show her this blog when she starts to question me. So here it is, the first of many to come.

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