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I had to go to Miami last week and after 15 long years, I finally got to see my good friend.  We’re both from Chile and that’s where we originally met. I would travel back to Chile when I was teenager and we became good friends. Our parents go waaaay back.  She ended up moving to the U.S. and I had the opportunity to see her in 2001 when I was driving through Miami.  I cannot believe that it’s been 15 years since that last hug.  We talk regularly and keep track of each other on social media, maybe that’s why 15 years went by and we didn’t feel them.

I couldn’t go to Miami and not see her. Unacceptable.  So I got in my rental and drove to her house and finally got to meet her wonderful husband and two children.  Unfortunately, her son doesn’t like pictures so he’s missing from this impromptu photo shoot. Meet my friend Alejandra.







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