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Tomato Bisque Recipe

ripe roma tomatoes, house tomatoes, cherry tomatoes
chicken or vegetable stock depending on whether you’re vegetarian or not
whipping cream (if so desired)
(I usually use about a total of 3-4 lbs of tomatoes and it makes a huge pot.)

quarter the tomatoes
cut up the onion and garlic in pieces
put roasting pan or cookie sheet (use foil too for easier clean up)
cover in olive oil and salt to taste
roast in the oven until everything is caramelized, usually about 20 minutes at 400

after everything is caramelized put into a pot. Include all the caramelized goodness at the bottom of the pan.

add the chicken or vegetable stock and bring to boil. Simmer for another 30 minutes and add more salt if necessary. Once you’re done with this blend everything. I have one of those stick blenders which is nice, I used to have to pour all this into the regular blender and then back.

Let simmer a little more, the longer the simmer the better the flavor. If you want low cal, leave as is. Otherwise, get that whipping cream and start adding on the fatty flavor. I do everything to taste so I don’t have exact amounts, just go by taste. Let simmer some more until the flavors blend well. Enjoy with sour dough.

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