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See what love can look like

I’m not much of a dog person, I like dogs I just don’t like to have them as pets. I don’t know what changed, we had dogs ever since I was little but somewhere along the way I decided that having myself to look after was enough. My husband and girls, on the other hand, are what I like to call dog whisperers. We have been dog boarding for the last 6 years and just when I thought my house was finally going to be free of dog hair, the husband decides it’s time for one more.

He called me the other day and said he was coming home with a surprise…. and SURPRISE it was…. I think this one is staying. Allow me to introduce you to Lulu, welcome home girl.

Lulu is still a little uncertain around the little one and I don’t blame her. She loves her so much but wants to hold her a little too tight. So until she’s a little more gentle she has good ‘ole Bandit to play with and take for walks 😀

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