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I’ve heard this story for the last 36 years, my dad took me on my very first road trip when I was just a few months old… just the two of us. This began a beautiful relationship between my father and me, and I am sure that this is when my love of road trips began.

He played hopscotch with me. He teased me about boys.
He pulled me from a lake and saved me from drowning.
He embarrassed me in front of my friends when I thought I was too cool to be reprimanded.
He bought me flowers the day I became a lady.
He understands me.
He hugged me close and let me cry on his shoulder when my heart was broken… more than once, and told me it was going to be ok.

He walked me down the isle when it finally was ok.

There is no bond like that of a father and daughter. I love my father with everything that I am, every fiber of my being. I hope that every woman out there is as blessed as I have been to have such a wonderful man take on the challenge of being the greatest dad.

Happy father’s day to all of you who were men enough to step up and experience the greatest love story there can be.

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