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Today is my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary. I know their story like the back of my hand, I’ve heard my mom tell it countless times while my dad brushes it aside not wanting to dwell on the past. He is all about the present and future.

They started dating when they were 18 years old, they met through their church group. My dad was the youth group leader and my mom was part of the choir, it made sense. My dad joined the choir just so he could be near her… sneaky fella.

They dated for 5 years, most of them were long distance while my dad was here in the US. In a time of no facebook, cell phones and even land line phones in Chile, their love affair was a challenge to keep on track. That was a time when you actually worked hard at your relationship and longed for the day when a letter arrived in the mail. He wooed her with Psalms (I know, I know… corny) and she honored her promise to wait for his return.

On June 22, 1974 they vowed to forsake all others until death do them part. What a journey it has been. I have seen their ups and downs and the hiccups along the way. As they vacation in celebration of this amazing accomplishment in today’s world, I wish them nothing but the best and a lifetime of happiness. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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