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BFF TimeSo just when I think things will slow down, they don’t… but this time it was a good thing.

My trip to Boston was followed by a visit from a good, old friend. I met Nancy when I was 12 when my family and I moved into the apartments her mom used to manage. I had only been in the states for two years and she became one of my first close American friendships that has lasted to this day. We had so much fun in that old, dark apartment building. Our summers were spent at the pool performing our very own choreographed synchronized swimming routines. When not in the pool, we were performing our very own choreographed dance routines to Milli Vanilli in the rec-room. In between all that choreography we managed to break up once, but our mothers quickly brokered an intervention and our friendship was back on.

She now lives in Seattle, WA….. far, far away… but our friendship remains. We’ve been long distance friends since the 90’s but we always manage to pick up right where we left off. We’ve experienced happiness, sadness, loss…. you know, life. This past weekend I had the honor of spending the whole weekend with her. She flew in for a much needed getaway and we soaked up every second we could. We ate, laughed, danced and even squeezed in a few shots. Thanks to my neighbor Diome of Diome Photography, we were able to capture some great moments. Here’s to great friendships!

We are * Superstars *

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