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The last few weeks have been insane. I had to travel to Boston for a conference and that was an adventure all on it’s own, I’ll be posting pictures for that trip soon.

While I was gone my computer’s hard drive “had a heart attack” according to the techie guy and I lost everything. And because I like to make things interesting, I hadn’t backed anything up for a few, long months. Needless to say, I lost some great photos. Lesson learned, back up your data EVERY DAY!!! I’m in the process of getting all my software up and running, so in the meantime I want to post a few pics I took with my phone.

When I drove my daughter to school yesterday the sky was full of energy. Lighting bolts were hitting the mountain right in front of us, and the clouds, to die for! Nothing excites me more than puffy clouds in the sky (ok, a few things do). Happy Wednesday!

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